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Headquartered in the beautiful Napa Valley, Medical Specialists Associates works with hospitals and physician practices across the United States, sharing specialist knowledge via telemedicine and video training.



Our Mission To Help Medical Professionals

Medical Specialists Associates is a physician owned and managed multi-specialty group.


We are committed to the values and principles found in a small physician group practice, while
incorporating the economies of scale found in large multi-disciplinary physicians’ groups. We aim to bring efficiency to the healthcare field through our different services offered.

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We take Tele-Medicine to a new level incorporating many services...


We are committed to ongoing training and education for our physicians...


We work closely with COOs and CFOs of the hospitals we serve...


With over 40 years of combined leadership in the medical field...



We take tele-medicine to a new level. Unlike most other tele-medicine companies that offer only a tele-medicine solution, we offer integrated tele-medicine services. An example is our tele-critical care program in which we offer a virtual critical care doctor for full consultation services as if an in-person ICU doctor was in-house, we offer evening tele-medicine coverage to allow in-house coverage ICU doctors the opportunity to get more rest and we offer, as needed, full consultative critical care coverage when peak demands out-stretch the in-house critical care physician staff.

We offer this same integrative approach to pain medicine, pulmonary medicine, and our integrative medicine models.

online education

Whether it be through blogs or on-line videos and lectures we are committed to ongoing training and education for our physicians.


We believe in leading by providing only the very best patient care. We accomplish this through ongoing and continuous education.

Additionally, because we understand medicine is about the healthcare team, our education tools are also available for nursing and allied health staff at the locations we serve.


Please visit our blog and video sections for examples.


We work closely with COOs and CFOs of the hospitals we serve to ensure that the services we offer are as efficient as possible.


We focus not only on our physicians but on the product line as a whole including nursing staff, allied health staff, pharmacy, and more.


In taking this comprehensive approach, Medical Specialists Associates has greatly minimized or in some cases completely cost-neutralized any financial support we receive from the hospital.


With over 40 years of combined leadership in directing and managing critical care, pain medicine, anesthesia, addiction medicine, and hospitalist medicine programs, we offer separate consulting services for any healthcare system looking for fresh solutions to their current challenges.


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