Our approach to complementary medicine is evidence based and integrated with our usual medical care. As board certified physicians we always practice only the highest standards of care for our specialties. However, when our patients request, we also offer appropriate evidence-based practices within the field of complementary medicine to augment the effectiveness of our treatments.

Inspired to provide comprehensive pain medicine solutions to the Sonoma community, Sonoma Valley Community Health Center is pleased to now offer specialized yoga classes and workshops to the community, collectively called The Vitality Method®, where Yoga, Mindfulness, and Holistic Medicine meet.

Taught and facilitated by Meredith A. Hart, MS, CIAYT, ERYT500, LMT and Christopher Voscopoulos, MD, MBA, MS, FCCP, these classes and workshops focus on providing gentle relief from pain and stress while ushering in the body’s supportive innate healing vitality.

The Vitality Method® classes may seem simple and easy, yet they are very effective, reliable, safe, and complementary.

This is because the breathing practices and the slow, supported and precisely aligned yoga poses are uniquely designed to calm your mind, unwind the tight muscles along your spine, and enhance your natural vital healing energy along your spinal column.

And, when this happens, you feel better and spontaneously relax into your body and mind.

Initially there will be only one class for all participants, but as our community grows we will be separating the classes into beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

In addition to these free classes, we will also be creating yoga videos for you to use at home. Sign up to be notified about both.


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In 2015 Meredith & Dr. Voscopoulos partnered to develop a pain & stress management multi-modality system integrating Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Medicine, called The Vitality Method®.  

Christopher Voscopoulos, MD

Dr. Voscopoulos practices locally at Sonoma Valley Community Health Center, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Medical Center, Sonoma Valley Hospital, Washington Hospital and Adventist Health Clearlake. He studied Pain Medicine at Harvard University. He completed a 3 year course of study in Ayurvedic Medicine at Maharishi University of Management. In addition, he has studied Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine, and practices Acupuncture. During his Ayurvedic studies he focused on Yoga designed for his specialty of pain medicine.

Meredith A. Hart, MS, CIAYT, ERYT500, LMT

Meredith began teaching yoga in 1999. Her vast experience and in-depth training has specifically focused on pain & stress management. She is a Certified International Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist and a Teacher & Practitioner Trainer in Yoga, Massage and Ayurvedic Medicine. Besides several yoga teacher and therapist, meditation, bodywork and Ayurveda certifications, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with an Emphasis in Yoga Therapy and a Masters of Science in Ayurvedic and Integrative Medicine.