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Is High Dose Vitamin C Safe to use in the Intensive Care Unit?

A new study by Yanase and colleagues in the Journal Critical Care Medicine has shed some light on what has been a topic of conversation in our Intensive Care Units; Is Vitamin C safe to consider using in some of the patient populations that we have considered recently, namely septic shock or possibly COVID-19. The answer, of course with the usual patient specific caveats, such as attention to hypernatremia, G6PD deficiency, glucometer reading errors, and oxalate nephropathy, appears to be yes.

Interestingly, since Vitamin C is coupled with thiamine as per the Marik protocol, this coupling may actually further the safety profile of Vitamin C as thiamine hinders the production of oxalate, which is a metabolite of Vitamin C, hence further decreasing the risk of oxalate nephropathy.

You can read the original paper here:


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